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… And no message, either. :). Don’t use IE9.

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I have just recieved my WD Live Hub from Amazon and I cannot get it to work. I have tested it on 3 HDTVs (Samsung, Song and Ferguson) with 3 different HDMI cables and component cables with every possible combination and all I can get is the WD splash screen then it loses signal.

Any ideas? I dont really want to send this back, but I am suprised it hasnt worked on any of those setups.

JD:  Try this:

Unplug the HDMI cable, and then plug it in via COMPONENT or COMPOSITE, whatever is available to you, long enough to get the Firmware updated, then try again with the HDMI.

Thanks for the help. How would I go about updating the firmware without a display?

That’s why I suggested you plug it in via component or composite…to get you a display that works.

As I said above, I have tried it with the composite cable and get the same thing. I havent got a component cable so I will go and buy one tomorrw, but I cant see it working if all the others didnt.

Sorry, I somehow skipped over that!

It could be down to this:

For anyone with this issue, I sent the unit back and got a replacement and the new one is all good, working flawlessly.

The WD Live hub is awesome, plays everything I have thrown at it.