RE: New Product - WD BLUE & GREEN PC SSDs

I think its great WD has finally entered the SSD market BUT I am concerned that every WD Blue and Green SSD ONLY includes a 3-year limited warranty.

WD has been my only choice in mechanical Hard Drives for as long as they have been making them I always exclusively purchase WD Black drives because of the 5 year warranty they have (In the last 12 years I have only had 1 WD Black drive go bad on me out of at least 25 purchased through out the years…all of them are still working even my old 250gb, 80gb ones too, and WD promptly replaced the one bad one under warranty).

If WD expects to succeed in the SSD market then you have to beat Samsung…right now they have the bear share of the market and the consumer confidence because they offer a 5 year on their EVO SSDs and 10 year warranty on their PRO SSD drives.

WD is still new to the SSD market so we really don’t know how reliable the product will really be and only a 3 year warranty does not give me the warm and fuzzy feeling that WD is confident in their product.

Right now if WD wants my SSD business then WD needs to match the same Warranty as Samsung …I would say WD Blue and Green SSDs need to be at least 5 years, and WD Black SSDs (When they finally announce them) should be 10 years.

You’re right, we are barely getting started. But you need to keep in mind that the Samsung 240GB 845 DC EVO Series SSD Drive that comes with a 5 year warranty is almost $300.00. Our 250GB WD Blue is $87.00. I just bought one for myself; and, I keep backups, so I’m not worried.

??? The 845 DC EVO is 2 years old already and discontinued it was a Data Center (DC) class SSD not a consumer model. The 750 EVO & 850 EVO…@ 250GB are going for $69 & $99 w/ a 5 year warranty and the 850 PR0 @ 250GB is going for $122 w/ a 10 year warranty.

Sorry, I was going on a basic google search, and this is what I found. They were quoting 304.00 and 295.00.

Throuigh Amazon, this is what I found…

I suspect we will eventually see an very well spec’d Black SSD with a 5 or 10yr warranty :slight_smile:

Bill_S I still don’t understand why you are trying to compare the WD SSDs to a Discontinued Data Center SSD…this new amazon link you provided even says out of stock the new WD SSDs are comparable to the SAMSUNG consumer EVO line not their DATA CENTER SERVER (DC) EVO line which are always going to cost more.

Bottom line is if WD really wants to make decent sales in the SSD field it can not rely only on its Mechanical Drive reliability they have to beat SAMSUNG and that means also matching their Warranty. Start Selling WD BLUE/GREEN SSD drives with a 5 year warranty and I would not think twice about at least trying them out.

Hands down I will never buy any other mechanical HD other than a WD brand and I have been using WD BLACK and WD RED drives exclusively on all my PCs and my two Servers.

Right now people are not going to switch over to WD SSDs until a) the warranty is better demonstrating WDs confidence in its own SSDs and, b) independent groups start testing them, benchmarking against the competition, and start doing stress tests on them like Tech Republic did with their SSD Endurance Experiment.

I like the Black drives also.

As for the “incorrect” comparisons, I’m sorry. I was grabbing drives with the same warranty and same sizes that were still on the shelves. Obviously, you’ve done much more homework on this than I have. And I do see that overall SSD drives are finally coming down in price.

But I will say this, I just bought a 250 GB WDBlue SSD, and I’m not concerned about the stability of the drive, at all. But I guess that’s just my confidence in WD. :grinning: