Re: NAS recommendations

Hello to you,

I too have a Thecus 3200 with 3 x 3TB. I currently buy a WDTV Live 3GEN and in my Windows Sharing, it is not available. I had a WDTV Live 2gen and my Thecus was available in the network share.

If you have a WDTV 3GEN, could you tell me how you did it to be visible in your Windows Sharing the WDTV?

Small note also, in the Media Server option, it is my Thecus NAS N3200XXX but not in the Windows Shares.

Are you sure the THECUS and WDTV workgroup names match?

On my Thecus is “WORKGROUP” and also my WDTV. Here is a picture of my Thecus

The firmware of my NAS is updated, the router is also a Linksys WRT120N.

I tried several solution on the forumqui was to make the NAS reset for 1 second, 5 seconds, the WDTV G3 has the latest firmware update which is version 1.9.10.

After six, seven hours of research, trying etc. I think a return to the WDTV G3 finally buy the new G2 that works wonders.

Do you have any solutions for me to save the day?

Well it is final … I had 2 times WDTV G2 because I sold one yesterday for a G3 … too bad I did the test with a G2 and it automatically finds my Thecus in the network share but not the G3.

If anyone has a solution within 1 hour for me, I returned to the store. It’s a shame because I loved WDTV so far but with their change, the decline in my esteem.