Re: My WD Passport 1TB problem

Hello there,

This is Sagar. I am currently facing problem similar to what its mentioned above. I will describe my problem more specifically:

I have Westen Digital Harddisk 1TB and trying to connect to my Wipro laptop (WinXp Professional SP2). It shows a drive has appeared. But, when I try to open it says “Need to format”. I also changed its drive name to “M” after referring to random website’s solution but all in vain. I can open this hard disk in on other PC’s. But in my laptop, when I see properties of this drive, it shows RAW system


Can you please help as I have very important data in it & I don’t want to lose it?

Thanks in advance,

Sagar Gohokar.

Try using a data recovery software to retrieve the data from the drive.

You can search online for a data recovery application.

You can also search for applications that allow repairing a RAW partition.

Please make sure to post back your resolution. 

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 appriciate your solution. But, can you please suggest any data recovery software/application Or application that helps in repairing RAW file system.

Also, I am not able to understand - howcome my 1TB WD harddisk is able to connect & show data in other systems (my friends pc’s)  and not on my Wipro laptop. Any specific reason for that.

Till then I will look for some softwares mentioned by you & will try it out. I hope it will not end up in losing my 1TB data.


Sagar Gohokar. 

In this case you can attempt the retrieval of the files in one of the computers that works.

After backing up the data you can reformat the drive.

For best performance on the problematic computer make sure to update to SP3 and get all of the latest updates from Windows.