Re: My Passport is not detected in my computer

i have i problem in my wd my passort  071A, hope you can help me. i have so many important file there… how can i retrived it when i doesn’t recognized o detected in my computer?..i also try to open it ing my computer management section. but when i click the disk management there is a window that pop-up saying:" you must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it." then when i click OK button. a warning pop-up showed up saying:" the media is write protected" and i just click ok again. but nothing happens. then after that i right click the disk1 unknown 298.06 gb and its not intialized, but the initial disk is not clickable? how can i initialize that one? and what i will do to open again my important files in my passport if that the case?..and are my files are still there?..please help me…

God bless…

Try using another USB cable if possible, also try connecting the Passport on another computer. If the problem continues, you might need to replace the hard drive. Follow the link  below for the steps.

Try going into the device manager and find the passport driver and delete it. Disoneeect the drive and reboot PC then reconnect drive. That should load a fresh driver.


I have a slightly different problem.  Unfortunately, my Passport fell off a table this afternoon about one foot from the floor.  Everything was working fine until this occurred.   Now, when I connect to a computer, the blue light on the side comes on, it sounds as if the disk is spinning, but Windows 7 no longer sees the drive.  There is no error message.  I plugged a second Passport in using the same USB cable and everything worked properly.  Device Manager (Disk Drives) indicates that the driver is working properly.

Any ideas for further trouble shooting, or how can recover the voluminous data?  Thanks