Re moving files?

hi guys have some probs with my music files and its doing my head in now , 1 all my media is on my nas movies all woking well and cover art is all there working well (so no probs with movies ) 2 music files just cant get this woking at all have bits of files all over the place (have used mp3tag for all my music and art ) this is where iam at now, when to set up removed removed media library then go to media manger and remove all net work shares, then i go to my nas and remove all the wdtv files that i can find there, i.e in the music folder and movie folder cant see any move . now i reboot the wdtv and when i go to music there are still 42 music files still showing there ??? is there any why to get rid of them ??? some of the files are coloured gray and some are black , looked at all the other folders on my nas just to see if anything was there but nothing


Did you tried pressing the reset button for 1 second?

thanks for your reply sorted , on my nas there is a folder called trashbox and the wdtv was read old files from there

thanks for your time