Re: Manually copying and pasting files not working?

I am having a similar issue.  Windows XP (sp2; can’t get 3 to load) have not loaded any of the software, just trying to copy “My Documents” folder. I was able to see the drive, and copy some files, but occasionally it would drop out, and “found new hardware” box pops up.

It starts, and gets hung up on some file and error’s out that certain file didn’t succesfully copy and is lost.  Then “New Hardware Found” window pops up cuz it seems it also lost connection.  I have copied/installed the SES Driver install.  Not rebooted computer, but figured that would not be needed ?  (possibly I’m wrong).  Although manual copying did copy some files over before the SES driver instal.

If it matters, I did create a seperate folder for the drive loaded software & files, and moved all the factory files into there.  To help seperate them from the other folders I am trying to copy over (for backup basically). Just not doing a ‘backup’ function.

Any thoughts would be helpful please.

Maybe you could try a different USB cable or connecting to a different power outlet.

It is definetly a connection issue with your hard drive only.

In that case it will be good to test the drive.

Follow the instructions on the link bellow.