Re: Latest Smartware not working with latest drive

My PC does not work with the latest driver. I download the new version, and the performance was not good. I uninstalled the WD Smart Ware and after that, I installed the new driver  again, it seems every thing was working OK. I shut down the PC went to bed and today, ready to work and my Book Essential, does not work properly. I have three USB external disc an the WD, is for backup, they were off when I installed the new version

The driver version: I apologizes by the mistake. My WD does not work for back up with this driver. What can I do?

What happens when you try to backup>

Can you describe in what steps is it stuck?

are you able to go to the backup and retrieve tab?

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After the installation of the latest driver and to access the tabs such configuration and on, by clicking at the home page the icon of WD, I noticed that WD was making a new backup and it did not take in care that previous data on it. Then I proceed to erase manually the previous data and now I checking that every thing is Ok. This version does not backup some executable drivers that are save in other hard USB disc. Also I noticed that the latest number version of this driver, does no appear in the Help tab.

the latest version will show on the settings for the software

last time I checked  executable files were  not supported

I can tell. The WD Smartware latest driver, to have access to the tabs, you must click the icon at the beginning. The new version available is the an the Help tab, shows Why this bug?

well don’t know

you can uninstall and install the version that comes with the drive if you don’t like this version 

That is not the solution and the answer. Give us a new version with not bugs. You offer a latest version and it did not work as the previous ones. That is you responsibility, we are costumers, in my case, I have tree HD WD and my Book is for backup. I wont give you an star and accept it as a solution.

dude chill I’m just another user like you 

if you want to complaint you can call them…

since you have an attitude this will be the last time I post on this thread

bon voyage!

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I’m so sorry about it. I thought you were a WD support, I apologizes to you

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Still has not helped us though. I,ve been onto support and they told me that if it didn’t work go back to a previous version…Great!!!