Re-index Tape Help


Im trying to re-index a tape and do a restore from it to a client.

I reindex the tape first as a Unknown tape and then again as a Known Tape.

The problem I am having is that when I go to restore once the re-indexing I get the list of clients and dates of each backup but an “Unknown” next to each backup. So when I start a job and restore something the server doesn’t think the correct tape is inserted.

Any input on this would be appreciated! :smiley:



When a Savepack is created in WD Arkeia, the user provides the name of the Savepack.

EXAMPLE:   “Daily Backups”

The internal Arkeia engine creates a unique ID (SKID) that is used to track the savepack name

provided by the end user.  As long as the Savepack exists with the same SKID, the name of

the Savepack will be displayed in the Restore Navigator.

If the Savepack is deleted for any reason, the SKID is no longer saved.

Any backups listed in the Restore Navigator will have “Unknown” as the name because the Savepack with the unique SKID has been deleted from the configuration.


  • Go to the Restore Navigator Files & Directories Section
  • Select the data that you wish to restore
  • Ensure the directory selected contains files and not just folders in the restore navigator
  • Right click on the path selected in the WebUI
  • From there, you will see the historical view of the selected data which will contain the Tape Name
  • Select the historical data you wish to restore
  • Apply any other options needed for the recovery process (redirection etc)…
  • Restore the data


Samuel Brown