RE: I can't connect to virgin superhub

I bought a WD TV Live yesterday and it doesn’t seem work with my Virgin media netgear WNDA3200 usb dongle (I have their 50mb Superhub), it doesn’t even try to find it. I’ve tried it with the original 1.02.21 pre-installed firmware and also upgraded to the very latest firmware. Is this dongle simply not compatiable? If not can somebody recommend a nice cheap one.

Any of the ones here are known to work: List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live HD Media Player and WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player

But pay special attention to the revision/version number… different versions of the same model may use different chipsets.

Anything on that list is known to work… anything not on that list, but that uses the identical chipsets may work.  This page lists the offical WD list, and then lists many other adaptors that may work because they use supported chipsets:

Anything using an unsupported chipset is pretty-much guaranteed to _ not _ work.