Re: How the heck do I make my drive NTFS?

I have been needing to repartition my Book Essentials 500gb ext HD from Fat32 to NTFS since I bought my new computer. It’s Windows 7 and runs NTFS. You can go to “Computer” right click on your ext HD click “properties” and in “general” tab, it will tell you what file system you’re using, (that’s for the person who didn’t know how to find this) My problem is I have 200+gbs data on my Book Essentials, the only way to repartition this HD is to store all data, flip the switch, (reformating disc which deletes all data being stored there) then restore all data. So the problem is where to temporarily store all this data safely to make the switch! I have a lot to loose, my music, my precious pictures, and misc programs, videos, my movies (32gbs of just movies)…I guess my main question is how to do this safely and not loose any data, just to flip a switch! I have backed most of my data (movies, music, photos…) to disc. But putting it all back might be a nightmare, I would like to do it in one feld swoop so to speak, rather then hope I got it all the other way! It’s the misc stuff which I’m not sure about, things I need but have forgotten and are essential to the way things work…I wish I could just switch it and go on, but nothing in this world is that easy…PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Convert FAT to NTFS