Re-generating moviesheets using "Create from Metadata"

Hi all.

I am trying to use the “Create from Metadata” function to re-skin all my moviesheets and thumbs, when i do it it won’t create the “Spare Moviesheet” at all, even though i have it setup to use in the options.   When i use “Manual Mode” all sheets and thumbs are created.  Why would it not be working in  “Create from Metadata” mode?



That seems to be a bug in TG.  You should probably notifiy TG that this is happeing.

However, if you are not using it, change your settings from the spare sheet to the extra sheet and it should generate.

Also, just to let you know, your title is wrong.  You are not “re-skinning a theme” (that would be something entirely different), you are “re-generating moviesheets”.

Thanks very much for your assistance and work around Tinwarble.