Re-formatting WD Essentials Hard drive "No media in Current Folder" on WD LIVE Plus

I recently reformatted my 1tb WD essentials hard drive all because the hard drive icon was not showing up when listing harddrives on my computer.  The drive it self  was working fine and I wish I had left it alone.  After doing a quick reformat NTFS using Win7 and re-loading my video files my WD LIVE Plus player now has the “no media files in current folder” error when using Network Shares option. The drive itself shows up but no files.  When connecting drive via usb directly the files show up.  I have reshared the drive and reset my WD to factory settings and enabled auto login.  I also reformatted an Iomega drive and am having the exact same issue.  Is there typically an essential file preloaded on external hardrives to make them networkable that I need.  Is there an obvious fix for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No, no pre-loaded files.

What format options are you selecting when you format the drive?

Here is a screen shot of what I did.  I right clicked on the drive in my computer.  Clicked on format and used the default settings.  NTFS, Allocation unit size 4096byts, and had the quick format box checked.

WD Drive Format.png

For giggles, what happens if you share some folders instead of the entire drive?

I prefer it that way anyways, because then there’s one less layer to dig through.   When I click “Network Shares” I just get a list of all the folders I have shared, regardless of their location.  So I han have the “Horror” folder on one drive and the “War” folder on another, and don’t have to remember which one is on which drive.