Re-formatting drive

Why aren’t things simple as they used to be?

I forgot my password to the locked drive. I don’t know what is in there, but I’m willing to erase the drive and start from scratch. But looks like I need to unlock the drive to do that as well! Talk about catch-22.

Is there a back entry or so which can used to at least format the drive?

I’m running Win XP Pro. The WD drive is a 500GB Essential.

Thanks in advance.


If you fail the password 5 times, the drive should ask you if you want to reformat and clear everything, including the password. 

Thanks for the reply. It does not ask anywhere whether I would like to format the disk or not. Are you sure this is supposed to be the screen once you try the password unsuccessfully five times?

What happens, then, when you fail the password attempt 5 times?