Re format My Passport Essential

I have recently completed reformatting my drive, or at least I think I have, I followed instructions on the manual pages, and it appears to have completed correctly…but now when I open the WD software to perform a backup…its showing under the My passport Essential…no writeable partition…can anyone help me with this as I am not that up on computers and really dont understand why its saying this…does it mean I havent re formatted it correctly ?..

PS. I have also just noticed that when i go to the disk management under my computer …the drive is showing the words “exFAT” next to the GB size…should it be like this ???

I really would appreciate any help as my laptop is now blue screen crashing on a regular basis and I am desparate to back up my stuff to my passport drive…

Hi traceyk, welcome to the WD Community. If you see the no writeble partition the Passport is not correctly formatted. You can follow the step on the link below for the steps to format your Passport. Select your operating system for the correct steps. 

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX 

How to create a category backup using WD SmartWare 

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