Re: FIX 5.1 PCM Passthrough

First of all I am new this ripping DVD thing and I am almost computer illiterate. I am using

WD TV Live to play back DVDs that I have ripped but can’t get them to play in 5.1 surround sound. I have my TV Live hooked into my Bose V20 Lifestyle system via HDMI and set Handbrake to AC3 passthrough when I  encode them. So far I have gotten one to play in 5.1 surround sound but all the others go to PCM 2. What am I doing wrong?

The one that you got to play is it Dolby Digital 5.1? How about the others that don’t play.

5.1 PCM is used by bluray only, not dvds.

but it needs fixing, that much is true.

UPDATE…I now have all the bugs worked out and am ripping my dvd s in playing them in 5.1 surround sound.

So how did you fix it?