Re-enable AAM on Caviar Blacks PLEEEAAASSSE!

I bought a Black to use in my music studio - I bought it for performance to install in a custom built quiet PC (Fractal Design R3 case). My PC was completely silent until I started using the Black.  I researched forums to find out that those who bought their Blacks a year or so ago were fortunate enough to be able to enable AAM and reduce the noise to a satisfactory level without affecting performance too much - but the one I bought was recently manufactured and has been “locked” into performance mode at the factory.

Dear WD, I was a customer that had left you for Seagate years ago and had decided to come back and try out your product. I am VERY dissappointed that you have not yet taken action to release a firmware update that will re-enable AAM. The noise issue is getting lots of negative attention to WD on Newegg. You guys should really fix it.

Personally, if its resolved with a firmware update, I’ll be buying again from WD. Otherwise, Im going back to Seagate.

i just cant understand why WD does this… samsung did not limited their drives and before going to seagate… samsung was one of the realy best companys to buy hard drives… and people would recomend it

doesnt wd want the same type of revenue from users?

Add the Veolciraptor drives this this list!  I’ve been a purchaser of nothing but WD drives in the numerous computers I’ve built for myself and others.  The noise level of this 1 TB Velociraptor is the worst I’ve had to deal with since my ancient old HP computer from 2004.  Although I’m satisfied with the performance of the drive,  I am VERY sorry I ponied up the big bucks for this drive simply due to the noise level.