Re: Elements Desktop 3.0

I have an Element Desktop and for some reason none of my or office computers can recognize it, I had some many family memory of passed members, how can I retrieve those files?  Please help me…

Did you tried opening the disk management to see if it is recognized there? If you can see it there you might have a data corruption problem. Try using a data recovery program like test disk to scan the Elements.

Data recovery program

Disk Manegement

Do not make any changes to the disk or any write or repair operations till you know precisely the cause of failure and what you are doing. Blindly running data recovery software can (and most likely will) cause you more problems.

Thanks so much for the help - with the Disk Management I cannot find the drive and the Data Recovery website it is so foreign to understand. Do they have any other easy way to follow. Again thanks so much for your time.

How does Microsoft’s UVCView utility see the external drive?

Are either of the following utilities able to see your drive?

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

Data recovery website? Which one?