Re-building my backup system

Hello all, I’m new at this so plse bear with me. I have a home Lan with XP machines supposedly being backed up on a 2 terabyte MyCloud (name Downloader) with another 2 terabyte MyCloud (name Safepoint) acting as a safepoint machine. Grandfather/ Father/ Son technique.

Have recently found out that the Downloader hasn’t been backing-up my files and my hard-disk is nearly full, have just spent January trying to get it to backup with no luck and now I’m walking a tight-rope with regards to 3 years data not backed- so I’m going a different way.

I want to reconfigure one MyCloud as a shared Lan mass-storage device and the other as a Safepoint for it. Can anyone point me to instructions on reformatting MyClouds and the architecture/software/method to achieve all this (hopefully WD software as I like the Safepoint method) please.

Keep your responses simple and think of me as your Grandfather plse.

Frank E.

One can perform a a Quick Restore or a Factory Restore from the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings Utilities page. Just make sure to backup any data before doing a Quick Restore or Full Restore. Note that a Full Restore can take a very long time (more than a day) to securely erase the My Cloud hard drive user data.

System Only reverts system settings to their default values, but retains user data and shares

Quick Restore reverts all settings to their default values, erases all user data and shares, and retains default shares. Quick Restore creates a new file table on the device, but does not fully overwrite or erase the drive, so data recovery programs can be used to restore user data and shares.

Full Restore reverts all settings to their default values, deletes all user data and shares permanently, and retains default shares. Data recovery programs cannot be used to restore data; all user data and shares, with the exception of the default shares, are permanently deleted.

When a Safepoint fails it usually generates a message under the Notification/Alert icon at the top of the My Cloud Dashboard. What is the specific error message indicated as to why the Safepoint failed?

It is important to figure out why the Safepoint backups stopped working. One thing to do is ensure both My Cloud units have unique names and that each has as a static or reserved IP address. One can reserve an IP address for their My Cloud within their router’s DHCP administration page.

Thanks Bennor - I was beginning to doubt the community, you’ve sorted that one.
I’ve found the cause of the prob. Another post back Dec 17 pointed me to look into the Smartware folder rather than the one I thought I should be using. Hey presto, there they are, apart from an odd 37 files that just don’t want to be copied (no idea here). Also found out I can’t use this device as NAS as usb is one-way so now looking for decent 2 tera. NAS unit then run backups from that. The Safepoints appear to be running ok - no probs there

Many thanks for response - I almost managed to understand it on the first read.

Brdgs Frank E.