Re: Backup doesnt work

I believe I have a similar problem.  I bought a new drvie recently.  I partitioned it and all three partitions are viewable on my mac OS Mountain Lion.  However, when I run WD Smartware I only see my macbook pro and its files I do not see the passport drive hence the Backup and Retreive tabs are not available.  Did I do something to mess this up?

Do I need to have the Smart Ware (superdrive cd) on My Passport drive - I find that it is on my other passport drive and that works fine but it is not on my most recent one, unless in partitioning the drive I erased it.


by setup WD smartware works better with a single partition drive… it might be confused since you have multiple partitions. 

Try reformatting the drive on a single partition and test the software to see what it says.