Re: Anybody know how to stop WDSmartware from automatically categorizing my files

WD SmartWare is the most complicated and most imperfect software I have bought since I started computing! As I downloaded it recommended an impossible update in FirmWare and SmartWare. I ignored it and started by making a backup of my documents-drive (around 230 GB). It took like 48 hours. When I wanted to see what was on my new drive it took like 20-30 minutes to categorise my files, an then ever again “rebuilding vollumes” if i wanted to retrieve a file. On the update web-site I see that this impossible software has been improved by some important updates (I have WD SmartWare version that are impossible to download or install. I see all the complaints but the company has no adequate answers to the complaints. The WD SmartWare software seems to be a masterpiece in complicating thing and making them impossible to function or work effectively. All my update trials are in vain. I strongly recommend to deactivate this software and use GoodSync, which is quick, effective and secure.

Hello mate, to view your backup files, just explore the external hard drive and open the swstor folder. To download the latest smartware version version (1.6.2), click on the link below, if you have any problem installing the latest version, uninstall the one that you have and then try again.