Rclone on MyCloud Mirror


I just bought myCloud Mirror, I would like to syncronize my NAS with my Dropbox account. I saw that the App that you can find on the WD dashboard is incredible slow (as reported on other post in this forum). now I’m doing the sync using my mac and “rclone”. it’s very fast and works very well… do you know if it is possible to install “rclone” directly to the NAS?



Hello, as far as I am aware rclone is not supported on the WD My Cloud Mirror, however you can post it in the ideas section and if it gains enough traction might get implemented.


Ok thank you, I have just moved there.


I’m looking for something able to synchronize a WD NAS with Hubic cloud service. I cannot find a full-packaged software for the NAS…

Rclone seemed to be a good solution. Connected with ssh

curl https://rclone.org/install.sh | sudo bash

Did someone try ?