RCA - S Video Netflix Player

My Xbox Live subscription has ran out for my netflix use. I’m thinking about scrapping it and purchasing a WD player for Pandora, Netflix, You Tube, and Pictures off of a shared network.

My issue is all I have is an old 61" 1995 Sony TV that has RCA (Red, White, Yellow connections) and S-Video. :neutral_face:

What WD Netflix Player would work for me?



Netflix has some bugs, but the Live can certainly hook up to what you have…

Given that most of the bugs are HDMI related, THOSE won’t affect you, but there’s a few other issues you’ll find if searching.   

I dont see RCA as an option on the WD Live. Am I missing something? I dont have Composite Video.



RCA connections ARE composite video.

Just use the cable that came with the Live.

I’m a tad confused now…  Why did you mention S-Video in the title?

My TV has S Video, and RCA (I guess is what you call it) that is the Yellow, Red, and White connections. That is not composite from what I understand.

Ok I am confused myself… I dont have Component Video. :smiley:

Composite is what I need.

S-Video is NOT composite.

RCA is the type of CONNECTOR

COMPOSITE is the type of VIDEO SIGNAL.  (The Red and White don’t have anything to do with composite, only the Yellow cable is composite.)

Component also uses RCA connections.

I see in the manual that it will accept the Composite AV Cables. So it will work. Thank you for your help. I got myself all confused.

I should just order a new LED TV but I can’t push this one out on the porch yet because its still working.  



TonyPh12345 wrote:

I’m a tad confused now…  Why did you mention S-Video in the title?

In the UK a lot of analogue TV’s have composite, s-video and scart inputs. We were never big into component. Thats why the s-video input was mentioned.