Raspberry Pi 3 with 2x1TB WD PiDrives?

hi guys!

I’m using a 5V 2.5A Official Power Supply with the Raspberry Pi 3 + 1TB PiDrive and have never had any power issues but since I’ve order another 1TB drive for the Pi, I would like to know if I can use both devices with my 5V 2,5A official power supply and cable from the PiDrive kit, or do I have to buy another power supply?
I’m not using any other USB device and I’m performing the customary max_usb_current=1 modification in the config file.

Raspberry Pi 3
2x1TB PiDrive (and cable)
5V 2,5A offical power supply
Raspbian Jessie without GUI

Sorry for my bad english!


The 2.5 A 5.1 V power supply unit for Pi 3 is for use with Pi 3 only.
So if it has worked so far with your PI 3, then I suggest you continue to use it.

Thank you Feragui, but I think you misunderstood me, because as I wrote I would like to use both of the PiDrives with the mentioned power supply unit simultaneously.

So my question is, can a 2,5A PSU provide enough power for 2 PiDrives used at the same time?

Hi, thanks for your repeat business on PiDrive :smiley: !

Although there is a possibility your setup could work with your single 2.5A power supply in a particular application, if the data being handled is important/critical (including write operations to the SDcard and Ethernet I/O), then you really should use an additional power supply. The overall peak current demand on the system must be considered, e.g. Ethernet is powered via the USB hub; R-Pi camera module consumes power, WiFi activity, etc.