Range Extender stops extending


I need your help.

I’ve bought “My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender” to extend the wireless signal in my house. But I am having a problem.

After some time working, it just stops extending the signal and I can’t connect to the Internet through it.

Everytime I want to connect to the Internet, I have to reset it.

Any ideas to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, as a troubleshooting step, try connecting the extender power cable directly to a wall socket. You can also try resetting the extender to factory default. Check page 25 of the manual for the steps. 



I’m not sure if this is the original poster’s problem, too, but here’s what happens with my Wi-Fi Range Extender . . .

If I lose my internet connection for a few minutes (because my ISP fails), the Range Extender will NOT reconnect and obtain an internet connection when my wireless router regains its internet connection.  The only way I can get the Extender to reconnect is to reset it.

Can’t something be done about this?

I would like an answer too… I’m going crazy everytime I do a reset!!!

When will there be a solution to the problem?

Simply try unplugging the power to the extender and allow it to acquire am address from the host router. You should also see if you can connect to the router wirelessly or is a direct connection required to get to the setup page. If you can access the setup page, you can also just restart the router. Are there any other wireless AP’s close to the extender or other wireless routers which could cause the client (laptop, phone or ipad) interference?

Sorry for my bad English but it’s not my language

My question relates to the thread creator. The extender stops working, I have to restart the extender new every day.