Range Extender MAC address problems

Hi all,

I have a Linksys E2000 wireless router with Enabled MAC Address to only PERMIT the MAC Addresses I list.  After entering the MAC address of the range extender and attempting to connect, the range extender is not allowed access to the router.

If i turn off the MAC address Filter, all is well

When I Enable the filter once again, i lose access to the range extender.

What gives???  I am using the MAC address listed on the bottom of the range extender, is there possibly a mix up in the numbers?  if so, by what other method can i find the mac address of the extender.


I figured it out!!!

Download a program to find the MAC Addresses of all connected devices while the MAC filter is turned off.  In this case the Extender’s mac address was slightly different than what was on the device itself, so it was easy to find, i entered those characters in the mac filter, and everything is perfect!!!