Random WebUI Problems

First, the basics.

  • Yes, each device I’m using has a wired gigabit connection and the lights indicate accordingly.

  • Yes, the network drive has a static IP assigned at the router.

  • Heat is not an issue; there’s a fan blowing at the drive since I’ve had heat issues with WD external HDD’s in the past.

  • Using with Windows 7 x64.

Anyway, I’m currently using it as a network drive. On one system, I’m randomly getting logged out and have to enter credentials again constantly. In addition, the webGUI does not load (even while the drive itself appears to work normally) sometimes.

Firmware is up to date (last check was a few weeks ago). Not aware of other issues other than problems with accessing the drive from multiple systems simultaneously. (Doing so has randomly disconnected other computers from the drive, which has happened once so far.)

I intend to leave the drive on 24/7 or at least on all day, so having to reboot all the time is not a viable option.

Also, web UI issues should NEVER be happening inside the network. I’ve never had trouble accessing the web UI of either router in my home, nor HTTP servers being hosted on other computers.

Edit: The Windows logout issue seems to be with Windows as opposed to the MyCloud, as this is not happening on my other devices. The “remember my credentials” checkbox seems to be ignored by Windows.

Edit: Windows logout issue resolved. This appears to be a problem with how Windows saves (or doesn’t) network login credentials, or it isn’t correctly recognizing the network location type of the drive.

Interesting. Did you follow particular steps in order to address this? This information could potentially help other Users.


(Windows 7/8): Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Manage Windows Credentials (under Credential Manager)

Click “Add a Windows credential” if the credentials for the WD My Cloud don’t appear and add it in, otherwise, select and edit the WD My Cloud credentials and ensure the “Persistence” field specifies “Enterprise”.


Aside from the web UI randomly disconnecting, the network share itself is doing the same. I’ve also have had issues before where accessing the drive from multiple systems at a time would force one of the systems to disconnect completely. In addition, the web UI is extremely slow when making file transfers. Is another firmware update expected in the near future?

Which HDD model is inside this thing? I’m pretty sure it’s one of the WD Red drives, but not sure exactly which model goes in the 4 TB version of the WD My Cloud.

Edit: Still having trouble moving files from one folder to the other. It’s about 8 GB of data, and remains stuck on “0 bytes/second” after asking about whether to merge the first folder. After several hours, it simply disconnects the network drive. (This was the issue I was mentioning earlier.) Anyway, as mentioned, would like to know about what software updates are expected in the near future to address these issues.

Edit: Looks like some of the files moved properly before the drive locked. It’s difficult to tell what was move/merged and whether anything was deleted in the process. I’ll have to look into it.

Edit: Going to clarify a few things here.

  • Disconnects don’t seem to affect the ability to ping the device (since I’ve only seen the drive itself or the web UI go down, but not both at the same time).

  • IP is set to at the router. WD My Cloud set to DHCP.

  • Energy save sleep mode is enabled. Not sure if disabling it has helped.