Random Stuttering on Local Drive Playback

I  get a random video stutter on files I play on my local USB drive.  Sometimes videos work perfectly, other times it stutters during every scene change.  Any one else experience this?  I’ve tried factory resetting the unit, pausing/playing during files when it’s skipping, hard resetting, etc.

And is there a firmware that’s known to be the most stable with video playback?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Most of the firmware work best when the drive is directly attached via USB 

can you try another drive?

Lety me weigh in on this one. . . .my WD TV Live worked perfectly when I used a 500G WD MyBook USB drive.  Then I replaced it with a 2TB MyBook.  Now I have no end of problems with stuttering, vanishing from the WB TV Live menus or just randomly turning off.

I’m not impressed and seeking a solution.

Simon Lono