Random Restarts and Optimization

I would be playing a movie file, then if I click pause, sometimes it pauses, sometimes the entire box restarts. This occurs with other buttons as well including skip, and forward. 

Also, I do not know why wd live tv is lagging. When I make a selection, let’s say I clicked services, it takes 10s just to load up the services page. Then, when I click on, let’s say pandora, it opens then after about 2-3 minutes(one song) the device randomly restarts. This is occuring after a factory reset as well. I think it’s because of the lack of optimization that wd put in their apps. I am glad that my wd live tv has many services, but I just wish that wd needs to optimize a lot of their service applications.

Have you performed a device reset?

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I’ve performed a factory reset and downgraded the firmware, but still no luck.