Random Reset

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I own two of the wdtv live plus video players, and both of them randomly reset. I am using the Firmware ver 1.06.16_B, but they have done this from the beginning.  I have tried factory defaults, and nothing really works.  I think it is due to the large hard drives, and evidently it uses a lot of it’s memory to catalog the drive.  I have a lot of movies saved, and it seems the more I put on, the quicker it locks up.  Usually while browsing the mediafly audio or video streams.  Quite often after leaving mediafly, it just resets, or sometimes just locks up.  I think it doesn’t have enough memory or the software is not cleaning itself up after an application…  I now own a ROKU, and it is so much better on the streaming menu, I doubt I will use the wdtv live plus much anymore.  The WDTV live Plus does have an advantage using the network though I can watch movies from anywhere on my network.

This issue reporting forum is for the WDTV Live SMP (Gen 3) only.   Not for the Live / Live+.