Random Reboots issue


After a one good year of purchasing it, I am now having this issue regarding silly random reboots in my 1 TB elements play, Model No.: WDBACCxxxxHBK

The issue began during movies playback only. But now, it keeps randomly rebooting even if not playing any movies. Please note that i just only consumed 1/4 the storage space (250 GB). It is very hard to predict the source of this issue, however, i’ve read other posts related to this problem and found that the unit’s internal memory cannot handle big movies. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it’s true then it is really disappointing when WD releases defective HD products to the public before testing them accurately.  I’ve sent an email to WD regarding this problem but no response yet. Because my warranty status is still active, i went back to the store where i purchased the device and they told me to give them an RMA code or something like that.  I logged on to the WD support portal, chose standard replacement and attempted to create an RMA. However, it forced me to enter a state and i don’t live in the US.

WD, I am really disappointed.

First: if you really want the WDEP replaced, enter any state.

Second: get a different HDD player (see iboum) where you can plug-in the WDEP harddisk. If later the disk proves broken, just buy a new HD.

Thank you for the reply.

If i enter any state, wouldn’t that affect the shipment process?

About the second point, i think it has nothing to do with the WDEP harddisk because when i tried my external HDD plugged to the WDEP, same problem. I want to tell you that i am extremely cautious since i bought this unit, by regularily covering it, cleaning it and never exposed it to any kind of accidents. I don’t know what happened to it and why this problem exists in the first place. Some people told me that WD products are very ridiculously sensitive.


Alright …

I entered a state as you told me. As i expected, the combination of address, city and zip code isn’t valid because how can i use a state with an address and city of another country. ROFL. As a result, i couldn’t create an RMA. Again, note that i am using the standard replacement option not the advance replacement option because the standard is Worldwide and the advance is for US and Europe only. But even though i am using the standard option, it keeps asking for a state to be entered. Doesn’t make any sense WD.

You might want to call tech support directly so they can create the RMA for you.