Random Q about WD My cloud


I was testing WDmycloud 2TB over the weekend and under are some doubts.
This is my first post here, hope someone can help me.

  1. I have to mount the time machine backup on my imac to access its folders. The timemachine backup content on the cloud appears unmounted. How can I have timemachine backup mounted on the cloud so I could access the files, for example, through the iOS app of WD on my iphone?

I also own a WD 1TB portable Elements. If I do a time machine backup on it, will it be mounted right up front, and through WDmycloud USB attached storage can I see the files on the cloud over wireless?

  1. If I turn off the WD my cloud do I have to set time machine backups to manual or can I set it to automatic and it will not create problems? If I turn off the plug of the WDmycloud will the backup be corrupted? Or could I set TM backups to automatic, despite the fact that I have the WDmycloud unplugged or not.

  2. On my first backup of TimeMachine on WDmycloud, the folder where its default destination is, was set to media serving ON and and public access ON. But after that, I put both toggles off (that is, media serving OFF and Public access OFF) on the properties of that folder on the dashboard.

Afterwards. Mac displayed me the following message:
“Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you”

I disregarded the message and did not back it up again. What could be the cause? Is that related to the fact that I put the folder to be private?

After that, I could only connect as a registered user on finder sidebar, shared devices ,using my WD credentials: name (not username) and password. Is that supposed to be so?

  1. What WD recommends? to put the TimeMachine Backup folder to public access OFF?

  2. If I turn off the WDmycloud, does WD copy my files to some server? Or do I have to have the WD drive always On, to access it on the internet no matter what time. Am I right?

  3. Will the port of the router I choose ( gigabit or 100 MBPs) affect the transfer rates and reading speeds over wireless? Because my router only has one gigabit port, so if it only affects the speed over wired devices I’d rather use that port for faster internet speeds on my imac.

I have Wireless N, my internet is 100 Mbps but I assume that for wireless content transfers on my network could reach up to 400 Mbps. Am I right? So it should have an influence over wireless the port of the router, cause the speed will be downgraded right at the ethernet cable to 100 Mbps, and will be losing 300 Mbps of the 400 Mbps destined to wireless. Right?

  1. What are the WDmycloud transfer rates over wired and wireless connections?

  2. In a previous mail you said that LAN bandwidth is affected, what about wireless connections? Will it affect the internet speed If I am transferring files or streaming video to an DLNA device over wifi?

  3. On iOS app could I select the folder I upload photos to WDmycloud? Or all photos will be uploaded to the default Public folder? How do I change the destination folder before uploading? I do not want all the people on my network to access the photos.

  4. What are the differences between Public Access and Media Server on folder sharing properties? If I set the folders to public access could I be sure that my content is not shared unencrypted over the internet?
    Public access means that all devices on my network have access to that folder, right?

  5. How to make a folder accessible for anyone on the internet?
    (No password encryption)

On the WD mycloudapp for mac when I search for an item I have options to copy the HTTP link of the file. I tested it out and I verify that someone over the internet I shared that link could open the photo on that link. Aren’t my files supposed to be protected or at least require a password for someone I send the link to?

  1. When I upload the photos from the iOS app wdmycloud the photos are not sorted by date, nor the time they were uploaded. WDmycloud attributes random names to the photos. Is that the normal behavior?
    If I upload the same photo will it duplicate it or will it notify me that there is a copy of the photo there?

  2. Could I encrypt time machine backups when selecting disk on mac system preferences? will it be usable through WDmycloud?

14)On windows OS, will wdmycloud connected through wireless appear on file explorer? Or only when PC is wired it appears on file explorer?

  1. Can I index the storage of WDmycloud so it appears on mac Spotlight Search?

I thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Hi there, the time machine software for mac uses a specific file type but if you mount this file it will be able to access the files but only from the computer that the backup was created on.

If you turn off the MyCloud you should not have to turn on the backup manually, the software will see the the unit connected and keep backing up to it. 

If the time machine folder is private then you will have to login with your credentials since time machine will try to login to the share once it tries to connect.

So your concerns can be better adressed i suggest contacting support:


I am sorry if i was not able to answer all the questions, but i’m sure support can assist you on this matter