Random Phones and Computers on Home Nework-Security Problem

1.Hi, I am seriously concerned about random phones and computers appearing on my home computer since connecting to the WD My Cloud Hub. Have I got intruders?

2.What is Twonky!, why do I need it

3.I only bought the drive for home network/wifi purposes, don’t need to store files on line at the moment, how do I disable the online part of the drive.

thank you Dee

If your network is secure, meaning anyone who wants to use it has to have the User Name and Password or as a guest the guest User Name and Password then you should not have to worry. However, depending on your router, you may be able to block what is showing as on your network using the MAC address. See example image below from my router blocking two unknown phones even though my home network is secure. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

2.What is Twonky!, why do I need it?

Use this link to find info on Twonky, however, not all info in this applies to the WD My Cloud.

For number three, what have you set up in the Dashboard and have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? Read all the Help and Information provided in the Dashboard.


What is a MyCloud Hub? The My Cloud is a NAS, a network attached storage device. It provides no network connectivity services, other than an ethernet connection to a router.

It is your router that provides access to your local network, and the devices connected to your local network.

Have you got a WiFi router?

Have you set a strong password for your WiFi access point?

My Cloud Hub? What is the My Cloud Hub? Do you mean My Cloud Home or do you have a different My Cloud device (https://support.wdc.com/cat_products.aspx?ID=1&lang=en&i)?

What are the “random phones and computers”? Where are you seeing these random phones and computers? Can you post a picture or screen capture of what you are seeing?

Twonky is the DLNA media server included with the My Cloud. It will stream media (video, audio, pictures) to a DLNA client like those on your computer, mobile device, other media streaming devices, or smartTV/BlueRay player.

If you have not read the My Cloud User Manual (if you have a My Cloud device), see the WD Support link at the top of the page to find the User Manual for your device. The User Manual explains how to use the My Cloud and its features.

If one has a My Cloud device, not a My Cloud Home device, they would access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and disable Cloud Access or Remote Access.


Again, read the My Cloud User Manual for more information on how to use the My Cloud and configure its various options.