Random over-writes on the whole harddrive

Not sure what to call it.

On a filmshoot, all the material was shot/recorded on 6 different SxS cards, one camera. The content was transfered from a thunderbolt sxs card reader to a WD green 2TB, connected by usb through a harddrive dock. I checked all the card transfers size-wise, to the byte. It was done on a macbook pro. Two different locations where the transfer station was packed and set up again.

Anyway, a couple days later, the postproduction house calls me telling me that all the videoclips had problems, all over. I checked the camera and the still unformatted sxs cards and the material was fine. To confirm it was the hard drive faulting, I checked the sound recording on the hard drive, recorded with a sound device on a cf card and copied to the wd green, they had a sort of stuttering throughout the sound.

Here’s what it looks like:

The hard drive doesn’t seem damaged, as the files are able to be copied to another medium. In fact, this image was taken from the videoclip being copied to another computer (windows) and played on it.

It’s not a codec problem, as the same files copied from the sxs cards to a different hard drive play fine.

Do you have any idea why and how this might have happened?

Hello, you can first try running a DLG test on Windows PC’s or Disk Utility  test on Mac’s to rule out any possible hardware damage, if the test completes successfully it would seem to be that the files are getting corrupted when they are transferred, have you tried to copy files from another source to see if the same problem continues?

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac 

Problem solved. It was the harddrive dock. Changed it and everything was fine.

Thank you for your help