Random freezes every 5-10 minutes never happened before

hi guys i’m having an issue with larger mkv’s (15+gig) when watching a file the video pauses every 5-10 minutes and the thinking arrow appears on screen for about 5 seconds then the video continues playing 5-10 minutes later freezing again, any ideas, nothing has changed on PC or WDTV, this is confusing me everything running over a gigabit switch, any ideas??

as this setup has been flawless for over a year all of a sudden this just started

many thanks in advance

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m still trying to figure this out. I have three WDTV live’s and they are all having this issue. Let me know if you come across any solutions. 

I have been having exactly this issue since the last 2 or 3 firmware updates.

FWIW - I am streaming MKV through a wired ethernet connection, using Twonkyserver on mac OSX 10.8.3

I am pretty sure the problem started immediately after one of the recent firmware updates.

Is there any way of downgrading the firmware to test this?


sorry guys for not replying sooner been away, well i rolled the firmware back to the earlist allowable from WD, now i dont get the thinking arrow i just have the sound cut out and the video then speeds up immensly to play catch up, i have been using 3 of these devices for the best part of 2 years without issue now I can’t watch anything over 25 gig (file size) any idead, im trhinking its a firmware issue as files that previously played fine now stutter/jerk and pause


Same problem here. Only whole using Wd hard drives

ok well i’ve done a few firmware rollbacks and updates and nothing has fixed this issue, but now i can no longer change firmware (im going through the entire list in hopes i get a stable one for 1080p) i have changed the version in notepad but the player is not picking up the new FW on my USB any ideas, and is it at all possible that a WD rep can contribute as to why this has all of a sudden happened