Random files converted into folders

 Random files are being turned into ‘empty folders’ with no way to reverse the procedure. What’s really weird is that I cannot delete the folders at all.  I moved the file/now folder to the recycle bin and they will not delete, but can be restored.

Robb have you had any success?

Please can anyone help solve this problem. Thank you Valerie

Known bug.

My Media Player has received several updates, but still this issue has not been resolved. I’ve noticed one pattern, (but can not reproduce the bug always). The files which got converted into folder are those which I was playing and turned off the media player without stopping the play. I just hit on the power button on remote. I’m assuming, WD Media Player is not handling file closure gracefully and somehow corrupting the files.

Any ways to recover these files? I did a chkdsk /r and no luck yet! :frowning:

Have you read the thread I’ve linked to? Someone explains how to recover using Ubuntu.