Ran out of space on my WD Live TV Hub 1TB! Need to connect a new HDD to it, but which one?

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I bought the Live TV Hub, so we would stop needing to connect my laptop to our tv via HDMI just to watch video files.  The WD Live TV Hub fills up quick, and we have already used the 1TB hardrive.  In the meantime, my laptops and portable hardrives are maxed out because I have no more space to move video to the WD Live TV Hub. 


So I am looking to add all the video to a much larger external HDD and that connect it to the WD LIVE Tv Hub.  The plan would be to still access the external HDD so I can run 3/4 more TB through it for video and audio.  


I have seen great reviews about this hardrive: BUFFALO DriveStation DDR 3 TB Ultra Fast USB 3.0 Hard Drive with DDR3 RAM Cache - HD-GD3.0U3.  It is not made by WD, but I guess is extremely fast and efficient.  It comes with usb 3.0, and I plan to get a new laptop in the next couple months that will have usb 3.0.  


I was looking into a WD My Book Live Duo 4tb HDD, but people said it was slow and would sort of break down.  Any thoughts or ideas on what I should do here. 


Again, the plan would be to just incorporate only video and audio files, and I would backup all my personal and work files elsewhere. 


Appreciate your input and suggestions.  Jp

Hi, you can connect the USB hard drive directly to the WDTV and share it on your network. If you are interested in the additional features that the My Book Live Duo has (WD2go remote access, Raid 1, etc) I would go with that option, if not you can get the USB hard drive. 

My Book Essential USB 3.0 drive


My Book Live Duo 


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