Raids disconnecting

For my iMac 2019, I have two Thunderbolt 3 raids with 2 drives in each. One raid has my photos and operating system backup. The other raid is connect to the first raid via Thunderbolt 3 cable (daisy chained) and is used to back up my photos while the other has my iTunes library.
Both power cords are connected to an APC battery backup.
Very frequently, overnight either Raid 1 or Raid 2 will disconnect. What is interesting is that Raid 2 still works even though it is daisy chained to Raid 1.
Raid 1 is connected to the iMac via a Thunderbolt 3 cable to the Thunderbolt port on the iMac.
Both raids have been replaced by G-Tech but the issue still is not solved.

The disconnecting issue is more likely associated with system preferences on the Mac side than the hardware on the G-RAID.

Make sure you don’t have your computer set to go to sleep and that the preferences in the Energy Saver settings are set to not put drives to sleep when possible.

Allowing your computer to go to sleep at all with external drives can cause disconnection issues so either turn the computer and drives off at night or disable sleep and make sure it doesn’t occur.

I have done both & still have the issue. My wife has the iMac with 2 G-tech Drives connected to iMac & powered by APC power interrupter with no issues.

Also, not only are one or both of the raids disconnect, one internal drive in one raid may disconnect while the other drive will not. Something is not right with these drives.