RAID5 for Red series


I have a server running with 2x Western Digital Red 3 TB and 1x Red 4 TB.
Now to prevent all my data from being gone when a drive fails, a switch to RAID is necessary.

The current plan was to buy one extra Red 3 TB drive so i can switch to RAID 5 with 3x 3 TB and 1x 4TB. Making it a total of 12 TB with 9 TB of effective storage.

I'm reading on the internet that when putting together an array with big drives, the chances of rebuilding the array after a drive has been lost will fail. It is being said that this is due to the unrecoverable read errors (URE). Yet your Western Digital Red 3-4 TB series support RAID 5.

What are the chances of my RAID 5 array receiving such an error when rebuilding with a new drive or is this something i shouldn't worry about?

I hope you can help me in this difficult situation im in. Below i've added a link referring to the URE ruining RAID 5 arrays.

Tim de Koning

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I recommend you contact support directly for this.