Raid1 using two My Cloud drives

Hi. I want to buy a second My Cloud drive and have it mirror my first. Ideally I want the drives in Raid1, right? So that the second drive copies the first and then continuously tracks any changes? Or can they only be set up as Raid1 from scratch (meaning no content on either drive at outset)? Finally, do the two My Cloud drives have to be in the same LAN? Or connected via USB (in which case, wouldn’t I be better off with a My Book as the second drive?

Apologies in advance if I’m overlooking some obvious answer or source of information. Thanks for your help and advice!

You can’t do RAID1 unless you have the My Cloud Mirror you need a device that supports it. You could probably using software have something set to backup from one to the other tho. Or you could buy a usb drive and connect it to the My Cloud and have it back up The My Cloud to that.

You could set up the Safepoint function in a ‘master’ MyCloud to back up to a slave MyCloud on the network. It wouldn’t be a true RAID system, though, just an automatically backed-up drive.

Or do something like this:

Look at the Lsyncd answer.

You can mount 2nd device via Samba or ISCSI (Need custom build OS and Kernel. Check my threads for that) and setup mdraid (Software raid) of any levels.
Also you can connect 2nd drive via USB (Need external case for HDD vith USB3.0 port)

But best way: use rsync or similar software for sync folders between NAS’s

Thanks to everyone for offering helpful responses. I’m wondering whether BT Sync would accomplish what you’re suggesting here. In that case, I’d only need both My Clouds to be on-line. But I wonder if the software would slow down my local network considerably…