RAID1 Partition possible GRAID 8TB windows 10?

My drive will only ever appear as one volume in Storage Spaces, even if I partition it in disk management. How is RAID 1 achievable?


RAID is not created by partitions those are 2 completely separate things.

Depending on exactly which G-RAID you purchased, you convert it from RAID0 to RAID1 with a configurator on our website.

I bought G-Raid with Thunderbolt 8TB - it is not clear from the documentation supplied, nor on your website where this configurator is and what it is for. I think this is a nomenclature problem. I have already downloaded the format wizard and the G-Technology Asisstant - both of which simply replicate system functions and have wasted my time downloading, installing and testing. I appreciate your main market is Mac users but the route to RAID 1 with this product is all but impenetrable for a PC user

Does your G-RAID include USB 3.0 as well? If so then you need this: DOWNLOAD

You have downloaded and installed that you can configure the RAID to RAID1. After that you need to format the drive and it will be usable.

Thanks, that took most of the day to get to - perhaps a good idea to give some instructions thus in the box or in the manual pdf!?

I couldn’t agree more! Worst support for Windows that I’ve ever seen. I’m still searching for the Windows G-Raid with Thunderbolt Configurator. It’s not on the downloads for the product…

I just got the G-RAID with TB (8GB) and I cannot agree more with what has been said. I downloaded several files to try and set up RAID 1, before stumbling on this thread.

This Configurator got me going in the right direction. However, it said that it would take some time before my drive would show up again on my laptop (Win 10). Its been 20 min, and it still has not reconnected to my PC. And there is nothing indicating that anything is happening. How long do I need to wait? Or can I turn it off and back on?

The conversion of the RAID is instant. Just unplug the drive and plug it back in. It will show in Disk Management and you can then Initialize and create a New Simple Volume on it and it will be usable.

Thank you for the quick response.
I opened the Windows Disk Management App and see it there. Which partition style should I use? MBR or GPT?

You should use GPT…

So now I formatted it as NTFS and assigned it with a drive letter. It now shows up as a 4 GB drive. I assume that means it is successfully set up as RAID 1.

Is there anything else I should be aware of before I start using it?

(Sorry for all the questions…I used to work with this stuff over 12 years ago, so I am a bit rusty.)

Sounds like you’re good to go… you now have a mirrored RAID … you should consider a cloud backup solution too tho… it’s the old mantra… if it doesn’t exist in 3 places then you data doesn’t exist…

I hear you!
Thank you for your help!!