Raid1 configured HDD readable from other Devices?

I have the 2x2Tb version and maybe want to remove 1 HDD, and put it into a external HDD USB case.

In which way is the data written onto the drives? Can only the WD raidcontroller read from the HDDs, or is it possible to use the disc like every normal HDD without losing data?

The reason i ask this is that i am still worried about the data. If one disc is damaged, ok, that’s why i got RAID1. But if the RAID controller iself is damaged, i might lose access to all data even if both disks are OK.

The drive will be readable by other devices if the controller fails

if one drive fails then you can follow the standard procedure and rebuild the raid with a new drive

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Thanks a lot, that is a relief.

Now i got everything figured out for the worst case, still hope it will never come this far