RAID0 system malfunctions if 50% full

I have 2 x 4TB drives in RAID 0. when I put more than 3.8 tb of files on it the top redlight came on. tests on the drives were normal. I spoke to support who told me to ignore it and continue using it normally. I added more files, the system collapsed and the drive was no longer visible with the top red light blinking all the time. Contacted support who told me to leave the system on for 7 whole days.The fans and disk whirred continuously but Nothing changed the device wouldn’t show on dashboard or the network.An RMA was agreed and it took 10 days to get a replacement. Now I have the same problem. With WD RAIDs can you use only 50% of the space before the system fails? I get 7.5 TB of storage on synology with 2 x4tb drives
How do you get the full storage on wd?

RAID0 or JBOD mode which means two data Volumes. It sounds like you may have filled Volume_1 to 100% capacity because the Power LED will become RED at 95%. How are you adding data to the drive? Windows Samba? macOS Finder? Some other software program? Did you check the Alerts? Did you collect and send the system logs to support? What’s your case number?

Isn’t Raid0 inferring “Striped” volume across both disks?
I thought that Raid0 is distinct from JBOD; which would have the disks appear as two separate volumes.

Just a dumb question: Are these Red or Red Plus drives in the unit? (If you don’t want to pull drives. . . are the drives WD40EFAX or WD40EFRX? (you could see this in the OS3 dashboard under “storage - DiskStatus”)

@NAS_user good catch. EDITS made “RAID0 or JBOD mode”

They are RED drives and he tests on the drive were normal

@sbrown : No problem. :slight_smile:

If these are Red, model WD40EFAX, purchased in the last year or so, then these are most likely SMR drives.

I would be suspicious that copying all this data all at once to a SMR drive might be an issue. I would try again copying in smaller (say. . .500gb?) chunks.

Although. . . .I am thinking there is a more likely culprit: You wouldn’t happen to have cloud access for the shares/device turned on? I would bet a nickel that halfway through the copy job that OS5 is attempting to index the data WHILE it is still being copied. . . and the system is getting overloaded.

I would keep all the cloud stuff disabled until all the copying is complete. THEN enable the cloud stuff. AND THEN wait 7 days. . .because that’s how long it will probably take to index all that stuff.

PS: From the nagging wife department: You do realize that with Raid 0. . . if either drive goes bad, you lose all the data, correct? JBOD does not have this flaw… . .although you wind up with two logical drives, not one. (i.e. it literally shows up as 2 x 4TB drives). If the performance benefits of stripped Raid 0 drives are important. . . you might consider using RedPro (CMR 7200 rpm) or RedPlus (CMR 5400 rpm) drives (or equivalent)

Many thanks. It makes sense. I still dont understand why its saying its 95% full with only 3.9 tb of data on it. Also i did run it for 7 days before sending it back.
I take your point on the drives. As regards RAID 0 I have two synology sytems on RAID 0 which have been running for 6 years without losing a file. I at least expect 6 months from wd
I will try what you suggest. thanks for your thoughts

I have been experimenting with your insight
I turned off cloud access and added files in packets less than 500mb,
the moment i got to 3.9 TB the red light came on even with cloud access off
the dashboard says I 4 tb free
warnings say vol 1 is nearing 95% full
So the RAID 0 Storage limitation appears nothing to have to do with indexing
The drives are Seagate 4 TB IronWolf NAS ST4000VNZ008

How do you setup JBOD?
Thanks for your help

So - - - -Not to sound like a WD Shill. . . . .or a @sbrown mimic; but it’s time to open a support ticket.

I imagine the JBOD is an option under the raid settings? Same place you switch from the default Raid1 to Raid0? Never did this on my units. . . and just like you don’t hover a mouse over a “format” button. . .I am not going into these menu’s unless I must :wink:

Yes, please collect the system logs and open a support case.
It definitely sounds like JBOD and not RAID0 configuration.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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