RAID0 back to normal

Hi, in my previous computer i had my OS installed on 2 harddisks on RAID0. Now in my new computer i have my OS installed on a Crucial 128 GB SSD. I want to use 1 of the 2 RAID harddisks as second drive. But when i connect 1 of the disk, it the hd won’t be recognized by WIN7. I can see the disk in Systemcontrol but i cannot change anything. I need to be initialised. The volume says the capacity of the 2 in RAId disks. I have also connect the both disks but same problem here. CTRL + I won’t help either. So my question is: how can i uninstall the raid volume to normal?

How did you create the RAID volume in the first place? You have to do the exact opposite, if you created the RAID on your EFI/BIOS then you need to disable the RAID on your EFI/BIOS, and if you used a RAID software controller then you need to use the same RAID software controller.