Beginner here…

Installed WD Caviar Green drive.  1TB as 2nd drive ro backup.

HP Pavilion 64 bit. System 7

I will not use RAID and have no intentions to doing so.

When I boot up I get a DOS option regarding RAID…I go in to shutoff – it is already shut off, it says.

I have to wait for this DOS screen timeout before I get to Windows. I want to get rid of it.

I went to BIOS to see if I can DISABLE this unwanted option so it won’t show up again.

I only found 3 options list for my C: boot drive and the 2nd backup drive.

They are:  RAID, or IDE, or AHCI (whatever AHCI is or does)

On a search engine, apparently a person was talking about changing the 2 drives to IDE.

Does anyone have any comments? Will it be alright for me to do this without creating

any more problems for myself?  I am only trying to get rid of that COS screen at boot with

the waiting for the timeout…

with much appreciation…

Check for a BIOS update for your specific motherboard. Normally, when you turn off a RAID in BIOS - it will not show up in the boot sequence. Be sure you SAVED the settings before exiting BIOS setup. Otherwise I would look for the BIOS update. Could be an issue with the installed BIOS.

If you have the drive installed on a RAID bus - that too could be why the motherboard keeps asking about the attached drive. You should get info from HP about the motherboard.

Saturday…thanks for the reply.

I’ll chec km yBIOS update and then send a note HP.

thanks again…