RAID Stripe set has failed + Cannot upgrade WD Drive Utilities™for Mac® to Version

Background :
I have a WD MY BOOK DUO With 4T RAID 1 (2x2TB) EXT4 file system.
BOOK was acquired end of 2014, configured with MacBook + WD Drive Utilities
Then it was attached to a NAS (Qnap) via it’s USB port.
Since the acquisition no problems accessing the WB from other clients (MacBook, iPad, etc) through AFP or SMB.

Lately I noticed that some files were corrupted (video or photo files).
Those files had transmission errors when copying files from the BOOK to a local copy.
So I decided to connect it directly to my MacBook USB Port and perform some diagnostics using the WD Drive Utilities™for Mac® that was initially installed la 2014.

1-WD Drive Utilities Update
Upon starting the WD Drive Utility it asked to perform the update to Version which I confirmed. The whole update process went through normally.
Now for some reason when I start the Utility it does not recognize the upgrade to Version and asks me eveytime to performe the update. I have done this a couple of times but it still ask to perform the update

Does anyone know how to resolve this ?

2-WD Drive Utilities Test
Moving forward with WD Drive Utilities
I was able to perform the 3 following tests succesfully :

  1. SMART Status
  2. Quick Test Drive
  3. Complete Drive Test

3-BOOK not mounting
Despite the successful tests in step 2 above, the BOOK is not mounting on the MacBook.
Under disk utility the Volume does not show.

4-RAID Stripe set has failed
Sometimes when unplugging and re-plugging the BOOK to the MacBook USB port I get the following:

5-Back to NAS
At this point I gave up and reconnected the BOOK to my NAS.
Now I can access the BOOK as usual from my MacBook through AFP or SMB.

Puzzling that my NAS can mount the BOOK but not my Macbook.

My Macbook config:

Additional info on previous post.


As a recommendation, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info:

Will do. Thanks … waiting on phone as I write this :wink: