Raid setting for mycloud PR 4100

Grateful if someone could tell me whether mycloud PR 4100 (4 HDDs) can be partitioned to form 2 sets of Raid 1 HDDs ? This setting was not mentioned in the manuals. It would be a waste if only 2 HDDs can be used for Raid 1 setting whilst the remaining 2 bays have to be left empty. If not, would it mean that only mycloud PR 2100 could be used for Raid 1 setting ? Thanks.


Thanks a lot, Trancer.

Please give me some hints on how to do it (form the manual ?)


Im trying to do similar, 2 sets of RAID 0. I’ve found a way to force the PR4100 to create it, but I’m worried that may cause problems when a disk fails.

Thanks Tim.

This is what I worried about.

In theory, the system should be able to do it because it allows computer to
access all 4 HDDs together therefore accessing only 2 of the HDDs should be
possible. If RAID 1 ties 2 and 2 together, there should be some command to
instruct the computer to ignore 2 “virtual” HDDs.

I have another ext 4 HDD system but cannot do it in the end. I thought it
was due to “old” version of the system.

I have high hope for this “new” model but seemed that there is no
instruction to be found.

In the end, I may have to admit that RAID 1 is not suitable for 4 HDDs
system, probably because the producer consider that RAID 1 is only suitable
for 2 HDD system. If 4 HDD system is to be used then higher RAID (say 5 -
10) should be used.

Not sure if my thinking is correct or not.

Thanks for your reply.


Yes, I’d assumed buying a device containing 4 disks you’d be able to set them up any way you wanted. But maybe as a single RAID device it has to view the discs as ‘all or nothing’? However It seems a waste that the only way to achieve this would be to buy 2 x 2 disk PR2100’s, rather than 1 x 4 disk PR4100. I think I’ll contact support directly for their comments.

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Thanks, Tim.