Raid Roaming with just a single Raid 1 disk on a new Enclosure?

I have two EX2 enclosure and I’ve been trying to investigate the best way to clone my raid 1 and have attempted to migrate just one of the two raid 1 disk from one enclosure to another, however the second enclosure doesn’t prompt me with Raid Roaming to integrate this drive into the enclosure; it needs both disk 1 and 2.

Has anyone found a method of activating Raid Roaming with just one of the raid 1 disks?

Once the disk is integrated with the new enclosure, I can then insert a second disk for a raid rebuild and thus cloning the raid 1 that I have from the first enclosure.

If there is a way, I can then use the method of swapping out disk 2 (keeping it in a safe place as a backup copy) and rebuild the raid.

Any thoughts?

You can follow the steps mention on the given article.

Yes indeed it does work with both mirror drives inserted into the new enclosure; It does not work with a single mirror drive inserted.

Why would I Raid Roam with only one drive? Was hoping to rebuild the mirror from an offsite storage of one of the mirror drives.

I found out that it is possible by

  1. simply moving both disks to the new enclosure to trigger the Raid Roam,
  2. take one of the mirror disk and store it away offsite for future recovery.
  3. rebuild the mirror in the new enclosure
  4. move both disk of the new mirror back to the old enclosure.
  5. store the new enclosure along with the single mirror disk as you don’t want to lose the configuration on the EX2.

Restoration is:

  1. take the offsite mirror disk and insert it in the second enclosure
  2. it will rebuild the mirror from one disk since it is now recognized as a Raid 1 in the enclosure.

However I do appreciate your efforts in answering this post.