RAID Roaming Message


I get the message “RAID Roaming, this volume is roaming from another WD My Cloud (not created on this system) Click OK to integrate it, if you do not integrate it, you risk losing your data if your volume becomes degraded”. I have not/did not click ok

Also now the PR4100 is not recognising the 14TB drive in the setup interface. Now I fear this cannot be fixed without losing all my data (if this is not already irretrievable)

Here’s how we get here

I have been using the PR4100 for a while now with a single 14TB Red NAS drive in slot 1 in JBOD mode. I wanted to add an existing 6TB drive into the PR4100 out of my PC. Assumed this was plug and play but obviously not. The 6TB was originally visible in the setup interface (in slot 2) but not as a drive. So I figured the 6TB drive would need formatting at some point in the process so I removed the 6TB drive and reinstalled it in my PC, copied all data from the 6TB drive to the 14TB drive and formatted the 6TB drive. Then I added the 6TB drive into the PR4100 in slot 2. PR4100 did a reformat of the 6 TB drive.

After the above I got the RAID Roaming message. As this worried me ( I have no other back up of the 14TB drive yet) I powered down the PR4100 and removed the 6TB drive (assuming the 14TB would be fine as at this stage I clearly haven’t been asked to reformat this drive or clicked ok on the RAID Roaming message).

Then I powered up the PR4100 with only the 14TB drive in it, and which now is not recognized as either a drive or a volume. Checkmate and HELP.

Since you put the drive in then removed, it thinks its roaming. Click ok to add the roaming drive, It wont format it. It basically just mounts the drive. Good Luck, ALSO drive 1 isnt roaming, its been there, there is no need for the system to think its roaming. Also it will do a smart disk check before the format. Gives you plenrty of time to bail…

I’m in the same boat…so I wonder if you ever integrated your JBOD disks, and, if so, what happened…?! I didn’t, and except for the annoying red led, everything seems to work fine, all existing shares are visible, and data is available as well.
Thanks for any reply.