RAID Parameters - ZAR/UFS Recovery

I am currently working on recovering a data set from a PR4100 using UFS and ZAR, but I wanted to be sure I had the RAID parameters correct. Setup is standard 24TB PR4100 in RAID5 – 4x6TB WD RED.

Looking to confirm:
RAID offset
RAID level (configuration and redundancy type)
The stripe size (if applicable)
Layout configuration (Left symmetric?)

I believe I have the RAID order correct.

Has anybody here had any luck restoring accidentally deleted data via ZAR/UFS?

I’d recommend to spin up a linux distro (e.g. Ubuntu live ISO if you don’t want to install anything) and use mdadm…
But I looked up ZAR and it should be able to detect the following:

  • each disk has a GPT partition table
  • each second partition is a member of a RAID5 array (you had 18TB available, right?)
  • the file system on the array is ext4

Here’s the steps I used:

Solved using R-Studio. This software perfectly detected and rebuilt the RAID, and successfully recovered nearly 100% of the missing data.